SMSF or direct investment option?

Do you prefer to be a little more hands-on when it comes to your finances? While many people are happy to leave the management of their super to the professionals, others want to be more involved. You’ve probably heard of self-managed super funds or SMSFs but there are other options to allow you to take more control of your super. Discover more about the super choices for your needs.

Direct investment options

Direct investment options, such as AustralianSuper’s  Member Direct option, gives individuals looking to be more hands-on with their super the opportunity to choose their own investments. Unlike an SMSF where the members are trustees, AustralianSuper is the trustee and takes care of all the legal and administrative requirements for members. At the same time, they are still part of an industry fund that is focused on providing meaningful value for members and helping them achieve their best financial position in retirement.

Member Direct offers you more control and choice over the investment of your super or retirement income. Through the Member Direct investment option you can invest in shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Listed Investment Companies (LICs), Term Deposits and cash through an easy-to-use online platform.

With a direct investment option such as Member Direct, members can choose how much of their retirement savings they want to directly manage themselves, within certain limits1.

Benefits of super direct investment options

  • Provides greater control and choice of investment decisions
  • Access to real-time trading, extensive market information, independent research and investment tools
  • No set-up costs

Potential drawbacks of direct investment options

  • Increased investment involvement
  • Decision-making responsibility
  • Additional investment fees and costs apply

Self Managed Super Fund

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) can be established by an individual or family (up to 6 members) as a means of looking after their own super savings. All members of an SMSF must be trustees or directors of the corporate trustee2, and are responsible for investment decisions and compliance with super and tax law. The day-to-day management of these duties can be outsourced, but there are still running costs involved. While these duties can be outsourced, the responsibilities still sit with the members (as trustees or directors), so professional advice is very important. That’s why SMSFs tend to suit those with larger balances.

SMSFs can be complex. It is recommended anyone considering an SMSF seek professional financial advice, legal advice and taxation advice.

As with all financial products, you need to choose the one that suits your individual needs and circumstances. This is where a professional financial adviser can help. Connect with a financial adviser today3.

1. When investing in the Member Direct option, minimum account balances apply, and minimum amounts must also be invested in AustralianSuper’s other investment options. See the Member Direct Investment Option guide for more information
2. Find out more at
3. Personal financial product advice is provided under the Australian Financial Services Licence held by a third party and not by AustralianSuper Pty Ltd. Fees may apply.

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