Radio series - Australian Super made easy

The Australian superannuation system was designed to benefit all Australians. However, the unique needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are often overlooked. Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face challenges such as accessing and engaging with their super, as well as a lack of financial literacy, which is a major cause of social isolation. All of these things result in financial insecurity and poor retirement outcomes.

To help address these issues, AustralianSuper supports a number of programs and initiatives – as part the Fund’s ‘Reflect’ Reconciliation Action Plan.

Radio series - Australian Super Made Easy

Helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples engage with their super

The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) is Australia’s largest Aboriginal media organisation.

AustralianSuper partnered with the team in 2019 to produce a 7-part radio series called Australian Super Made Easy. The series explores the essentials of superannuation and insurance as they relate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Australian Super Made Easy aims to teach and guide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples how to do several things:

  • engage with their super
  • learn which fund their super is with
  • keep track of their balance
  • know how to access their super and when
  • understand their insurance benefits
  • know where to get more information.

Featuring a range of superannuation experts

Each episode, hosted by CAAMA presenter Kyle Dowling, runs for approximately 30 minutes and focuses on one key element of super. The series draws upon the expertise of a range of presenters from across the superannuation and finance industry, including:

  • Darryl Florance – AustralianSuper’s Business Partnership and Education Manager in the Northern Territory
  • Katie Le Cras – AustralianSuper’s Head of Operations for Member Experience and Advice
  • Nathan Boyle – Indigenous Outreach Manager from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Graham Whyte – Assistant Commissioner for Superannuation at the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

CAAMA team

Australian Super Made Easy – Episode Guide 

Episodes can be listened to in English, as well as some traditional languages and cover the following super-related topics:

Episode 1 – Explaining superannuation

Episode 2 – Accessing superannuation

Episode 3 – Consolidating superannuation

Episode 4 – Insurance and superannuation

Episode 5 – Making insurance claims through superannuation

Episode 6 – Identification, records, super comparison and the Big Super Day Out

Episode 7 – Finding lost superannuation




As Australia’s largest industry super fund, AustralianSuper acknowledges its role in supporting an inclusive and diverse nation, where the cultural backgrounds of all peoples are recognised and respected. We’re here for all Australians, helping our members achieve their best possible retirement outcome.



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  2. Third Sector

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