1. Main agreement

You agree, for yourself and also on behalf of the financial advice firm you represent (the Firm):

  1. to comply with our general terms of use for the AustralianSuper website, as if references in those terms to the AustralianSuper website were references to the AustralianSuper Adviser Portal;
  2. to comply with our specific terms of use set out below for the AustralianSuper Adviser Portal; and
  3. that if there is any inconsistency between the specific terms of use and the general terms of use, the specific terms of use will prevail.

You represent and warrant that you are authorised by the Firm to agree to the matters set out above on behalf of the Firm and to bind the Firm accordingly.

2. Specific terms of use

The following specific terms of use apply in relation to the AustralianSuper Adviser Portal (the Portal):

  1. you and the Firm must comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Australian Privacy Principles, and you must read our privacy policy and privacy collection statement;
  2. whenever information about a member is accessed through the Portal (the Accessed Information), you and the Firm represent and warrant that the member (the Applicable Member) has expressly authorised the accessing of that information by way of written authority (whether existing or newly obtained);
  3. you and the Firm must keep the Accessed Information secure and ensure that the Accessed Information is not disclosed or used for any purpose other than providing financial product advice to the Applicable Member;
  4. you and the Firm must notify us immediately if you cease to act for the Applicable Member or if you move to another financial advice firm and, in either case, you must not use the Accessed Information any further;
  5. the Firm must notify us immediately if any user's access to the Portal should be terminated;
  6. the Firm must ensure that all Adviser Portal login details are reasonably safeguarded and must notify us immediately if there is any reason to consider that any Portal login details have been obtained or used by a third party without authorisation;
  7. the Firm must notify us immediately if the circumstances of an Adviser Portal user changes such that the Adviser Portal user no longer requires access to the Portal;
  8. we do not give any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information provided on the Portal and you accept that there may be a delay in the display of some updated values while pending or during processing.
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