1. Main agreement

You agree, for yourself and also on behalf of the employer you represent (the Business):

  1. to comply with our general terms of use for the AustralianSuper website, as if references in those terms to the AustralianSuper website were references to the AustralianSuper Business Portal;
  2. to comply with our specific terms of use set out below for the AustralianSuper Business Portal; and
  3. that if there is any inconsistency between the specific terms of use and the general terms of use, the specific terms of use will prevail.

You represent and warrant that you are authorised by the Business to agree to the matters set out above on behalf of the Business and to bind the Business accordingly.

2. Specific terms of use

The following specific terms of use apply in relation to the AustralianSuper Business Portal (the Portal):

  1. you and the Business must comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Australian Privacy Principles, and you must read our privacy policy and privacy collection statement;
  2. whenever information about a member or prospective member is provided to us through the Portal, you and the Business represent and warrant that:
    b.1.1. the individual in question has expressly authorised the provision of that information and has been given a copy of, or a link to, our privacy policy and privacy collection statement together with an encouragement to read them; and
    b.1.2. the information in question is accurate, complete and current at the time it is provided;
  3. the Business must ensure that all Business Portal Manager and Administrator login details are reasonably safeguarded and must notify us immediately if it considers that any Portal login details have been obtained or used by a third party without authorisation;
  4. the Business must notify us immediately if the circumstances of a Business Portal Manager changes such that the Business Portal Manager no longer requires access to the Portal. It is the responsibility of the Business Portal Manager to add or remove Business Portal Administrator roles as required (for example, in the event of staff changes);
  5. the Business is solely responsible for anything done by anyone through the Business’ Portal account;
  6. you and the Business accept that we set the maximum number of Business Portal Managers and Administrators in relation to any given employer (including in relation to the Business) and the access of a Portal Administrator may be restricted in one or more ways by a Portal Manager;
  7. while the Portal may be used to apply to enrol an individual as a standard employer-sponsored member in AustralianSuper, we may reject the application for any reason. The creation and display of a member number through the Portal is not confirmation of acceptance of an application for membership; and
  8. we do not give any warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information provided on the Portal and you accept that there may be a delay in the display of some updated values while pending or during processing.
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