This dictionary helps explain terms that are related to super, investments and pension.


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  • Unclaimed superannuation

    Superannuation that people have lost touch with. See also AUSFund.

  • Underweight

    Where investments in a particular area have lesser exposure compared with the benchmark exposure.

  • Unfranked dividends

    Dividends paid by companies that are (a) not subject to Australian tax; or (b) paid by Australian companies, but before the introduction of dividend imputation (see above) in 1986. Recipients of unfranked dividends are subject to tax at their normal marginal rate.

  • Unit trust

    A collective investment vehicle, established under a trust deed, that continually offers new units and stands ready to redeem existing ones from the owners.

  • Unlisted

    Refers to a company, shares or fund that is not available for purchase or sale through the Australian Stock Exchange.

  • Unlisted property trusts

    A collective investment vehicle which owns a portfolio of real property through the trust's manager, as opposed to listed property trusts which can be bought and sold on the stock exchange.

  • Unrestricted non-preserved benefts

    Any unrestricted non-preserved amounts – usually after tax contributions made before 1 July 1999 – can be withdrawn at anytime.