Unfinished Business: with Dave

Unfinished Business: with Dave

More surfing, less working – and he’s not even retired.
See how Dave is re-shaping his work/life balance with the help of AustralianSuper.

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Yeah, well, my working life has been varied. I think the first job that I had was working in a fishing tackle shop, and laboring like two, three days a week, digging holes and working with the brickies. And that I was trying to be a writer, they thought was really interesting but kind of ridiculous as well....
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I think writing is really hard work. I've had days I've hated, but mostly I've really loved it. When I actually sold a book, my life changed. Not that I had a lot of money, but I had a sense that I could do the job. Life feeds into your writing and writing feeds into my life. I do a bit of fishing. I like being outdoors and I go fishing with my mates.

Occasionally, we're lucky enough we get out to New Zealand and get cheap air fares, and it doesn't cost us too much dough. One day, the sun was shining. The river was blue. We're in the mountains, we're in New Zealand. We just looked at each other and we laughed.

I joined Australian Super because my wife pointed out that, "It's a good fund for someone like you." Yeah, I did go to a transition to retirement seminar in Camberwell, and I hadn't really heard of not taking a lump sum but getting an income stream. I realized that it would be tax-wise financially smart for me to do that. I will work less, and I can do more things.

I've got a lot of unfinished business. I would love to walk the R. M. William's Trail. I would love to do a bit of a fishing road trip, and I would love to write the definitive Australian Western Front book. To know that I've got things sorted out will be fantastic. It is the idea of freedom, and the financial freedom breeds other sorts of freedom. It's the freedom to perhaps travel; it's the freedom to not worry. It's the freedom to pursue other things that maybe you haven't had the time to do. It's going to be a bit of a weight lifted off my shoulders, and know that the money is pretty much looked after.

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