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Our story began more than 30 years ago, with the creation of universal superannuation for all Australians. Since then, we’ve become Australia’s largest super fund and one of the largest pension funds in the world – an advantage we use on behalf of members every day.

We’re committed to members

Our purpose is singular and clear – to help members achieve their best financial position in retirement.

As a profit-to-member organisation, membership is more to us than just an annual statement. We’re committed to giving members the peace of mind they need to enjoy life today, knowing their savings are being managed by a super fund that delivers.

We do this by creating meaningful value for members and our communities.

Who we are

At AustralianSuper, all colleagues live by our values of Integrity, Excellent Outcomes, Generosity of Spirit and Energy, governed by the principle of ‘Members First’.

As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to attract diverse new high performing colleagues that challenge our thinking, deliver outstanding member outcomes and, most importantly, share in our purpose.

Who we are


Our Programs

By joining an AustralianSuper Graduate or Internship Program, you will develop lifelong capabilities while helping us positively impact the future of all Australians.

Building a clear understanding of our values and how they translate to everyday behaviours, graduates and interns alike are provided with meaningful work experiences linked to the Fund’s purpose.

Open to all undergraduate degrees, you will develop technical and functional competence whilst playing a pivotal role in ensuring members achieve their best financial position in retirement.

Internship Program

Running for 8-12 weeks, AustralianSuper internships offer participants unrivalled exposure to our award-winning teams, with the opportunity to work on real world projects and initiatives, whilst gaining exposure to senior business leaders.

Designed to provide interns with meaningful experiences and insights into the graduate journey, our Internship Program offers a Fund-wide stream and an Investments stream.

Successful completion of our Internship Program can lead to an offer to join our two-year, rotation-based Graduate Program.

Internship Programs are currently offered in Australia (Melbourne & Sydney) and London. Our New York office will be offering an Internship Program in 2024.

Applying for our Internship Program

Applications for the following Internship Program intakes are now closed: 2023 (London) and 2023/24 (Australia).

Applications for the 2024 Internship Program (London) will open in February 2024.

Applications for the 2024/25 Internship Program (Australia) will open in June / July 2024.

In the interim, we encourage you to stay updated on our Graduate & Internship Programs and associated events through registering your details via the below link

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Further information on the application process can be found here.


Graduate Program

Like our internships, our Graduate Program has a Fund-wide stream and an Investments stream, both providing graduates with the opportunity to rotate through a number of teams across a 24-month journey.

During your rotations you will participate in various development opportunities that will build the required skills and capabilities that will set you up for a successful career far beyond the graduate experience.

Through participation in three 2-week group projects, graduates will further develop their foundational knowledge of the Fund’s values and purpose; risk frameworks and ways of working; and our investment philosophy and approach.

You will be fully supported along your journey as a graduate at AustralianSuper. As part of the program, you will have access to both buddies and a range of mentors that will assist in your growth and development.

The exciting opportunities as a graduate at AustralianSuper is endless and will include;

  • Access to leaders across the business
  • Networking opportunities
  • Specific technical training where required
  • Mentors and buddies
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Online learning and support
  • Regular face-to-face and virtual workshops

Following the completion of the Graduate Program, you will continue your AustralianSuper journey in an on-going permanent role.

Graduate Programs are currently offered in Australia (Melbourne & Sydney) and London. Our New York office will be offering a Graduate Program in 2025.

Applying for our Graduate Program

Applications for the following Graduate Program intake are now closed: 2024 (Australia).

Applications for the 2024 Graduate Program (London) will open in November 2024 should opportunities be available.

Applications for the 2025 Graduate Program (Australia) will open in June / July 2024 should opportunities be available.

In the interim, we encourage you to stay updated on our Graduate & Internship Programs and associated events through registering your details via the below link

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Further information on the application process can be found here.



Fund-wide stream

The Fund-wide stream partners graduates and interns with our growth and experience teams, who passionately engage, service and grow the Fund’s membership, or the enterprise teams who expertly enable the efficient running of the Fund, including our technology, data, risk, and strategy functions.

As a graduate on the Fund-wide stream, you will experience three rotations (two core and one elective), developing a strategic and operational understanding of the respective teams and how they contribute to the Fund's purpose. Completing two core rotations aligned with your nominated rotation track, the elective rotation offers graduates the opportunity to further explore their interests and expertise.

As a Fund-wide intern, you will complete two 5-week rotations within your nominated rotation track. Working on a variety of interesting and challenging business problems, you will develop a solid understanding of the various teams and potential graduate pathway.

Rotation Tracks

Innovation Growth Transformation Reputation Commercial
  • Rotation 1: Innovation & Technology
  • Rotation 2: Digital Technology
  • Rotation 1: Growth & Marketing
  • Rotation 2: Customer Strategy, Research & Analytics
  • Rotation 1: Strategy
  • Rotation 2: Project Delivery
  • Rotation 1: Risk
  • Rotation 2: Corporate Affairs & Investment Relations
  • Rotation 1: Finance
  • Rotation 2: Operations

Investments stream

The Investments stream immerses graduates and interns into what is fast becoming one of the world’s largest active fund managers. As part of our global platform, you’ll be able to work with and learn from our equities, private markets, fixed income and asset allocation and research teams.

Investments graduates rotate through two asset class teams, developing an understanding and appreciation of our governance frameworks and investment philosophy. Through our size, scale and global investment capability, graduates are uniquely positioned to gain exposure to some of the most impactful investment opportunities, capturing growth and maximising long-term returns for members.

Gaining exposure to a range of asset classes and approaches to investing, Investments interns obtain firsthand knowledge of the investment business including front and middle office. Working on two research-based projects, Interns will form opinions and recommendations, presenting their findings back to Investments colleagues and stakeholders.

Application Process

We carefully match each person to their role because we’re at our best when our colleagues get the most out of work.

We are committed to the recruitment, development and support of a diverse workforce into an environment which is inclusive, embraces diversity in all its forms and is a place where you can be you.

Applying for a role

Applying for a role

Make sure your CV includes all your relevant experience, skills and qualifications so we can make the best possible assessment of your application.

Online Assessments & Video Interview

Online Assessments & Video Interview

If your background and skills align to our available roles at AustralianSuper, we will invite you to complete some online assessments and a short one-way video interview. This is a great opportunity for you to share more about yourself and why you want to work for AustralianSuper.

Assessment Centre & Interview

Assessment Centre & Interview

Assessment Centres & Interviews are the next step in helping us learn more about one another. Whether they’re in-person or via video, we’ll ask you a range of technical and behavioural questions, and give you the opportunity to ask us what you need to know. From our perspective, we want to focus on the key skills and behaviours required to be successful in the role and how you’ve demonstrated those successfully in the past.



As part of our recruitment process, we’ll need to complete some standard checks. These include a minimum of two professional references as well as all appropriate background and entitlement checks.

The offer

The offer

You’ve successfully completed the selection process and we have your reference checks and all other required information. We’re ready to make a hiring decision.

A member of our team will call you to present you with your job offer, followed by an email with all the documentation in writing. Congratulations!

Once accepted, the onboarding process will start, and we’ll soon be welcoming you as a colleague to AustralianSuper!

Take the opportunity

We're setting new standards for super, and we're looking for great people to help us. 

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