Changing jobs

New job, same great super fund. Your career might change, but our commitment to your future won't.

Changing jobs

You've made a great choice keeping Australia's most trusted super fund along for the ride. Better yet, taking us with you couldn't be easier.

Changing jobs


How to take us with you

It’s easy. Just provide our need-to-know-numbers below to your new employer. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Complete the form you get from your employer

    This will be the 'ATO Standard Choice' form. Fill it out along with a Letter of compliance below.

    ATO Standard Choice form, PDF (316 KB)

    Download letter of compliance, PDF (86 KB)

  2. Complete our form and give it to your employer

    This is the 'Pay my super into AustralianSuper' form. Download it below, or get a pre-filled form by logging into your account

    Download pay my super into australiansuper form, PDF (71 KB)

Need-to-know numbers




2683 519 45




65 714 394 898

Madison’s story

Madison’s employer asked her to pick a super fund, so she did some research before nominating AustralianSuper. Watch her story.

Madison’s story


Don't leave anything behind

Taking us with you? Double-check that we have all your super – it only takes 5 minutes.

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You should consider the insurance cover, investment performance and fees of your employer’s fund before making a decision about AustralianSuper.

Got that 'new job, new fund' feeling?

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