Discover your options with Member Direct

Member Direct is our self-directed investment option that lets you take a more hands-on approach to managing your investments.
You can choose to access ASX 300 shares, selected Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), term deposits and a cash account.
We’ve recently made some big changes to Member Direct, so now could be a great time to discover your options.

How do the cash options in Member Direct compare with DIY Cash?

Take a look at how the DIY Cash option compares with the Cash account and Term deposits options in Member Direct over 12 months.

Where can I find out more about Member Direct?

You can find out more about Member Direct here.

To invest in Member Direct, simply:

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Step 1

Log into your account online and click the Member Direct button (on the right).


Step 2

Choose an option to invest in e.g. Cash, Term deposits, Shares etc.


Step 3

Transfer the amount you wish to invest into the Cash account.


Step 4

Follow instructions to direct your investments.

Get some advice

Member Direct is not for everyone. Chat to an Adviser about your options.

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