Looking ahead: AustralianSuper’s investment outlook

AustralianSuper’s Chief Investment Officer Mark Delaney looks ahead and shares his thoughts on what the economic recovery might look like.

In this video, Mark looks at:

  • The Fund’s outlook on Australia’s economic recovery
  • How economic recovery is expected to come in 2 stages


Looking ahead


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Key takeaways

3 things to consider: 

1. The short-term will be challenging

While the Fund remains optimistic for the medium and long-term economic outlook, investment markets are likely to see more volatility in the short-term.

2. Slowing down COVID-19 spread will drive economic recovery

The strongest indicator for a speedy economic recovery revolves around how quickly governments can halt the spread of, or fully eliminate, COVID-19. This means restrictions will be eased, which will support business and consumer confidence.

3. Economic recovery will come in 2 stages

As the economy reopens, we forecast an initial spike of strong growth. This will then plateau into slower and more subdued growth in the coming years. Unemployment is expected to stay high for some time.


Focus on the long-term

  • Volatile markets can cause concern for members. A long-term view of your super can help you stay focused on the end goal – the best possible retirement outcome.

  • Understand that market cycles are a normal part of long-term investing. 

  • The speed and shape of economic recovery is hard to predict. The strongest indicator for recovery revolves around how quickly a vaccine is discovered, helping eliminate the COVID-19 virus and enabling businesses to re-open.



If you’re looking for guidance on your super during market uncertainty, AustralianSuper has a team of accredited financial advisers who can provide advice for your financial circumstances and needs.


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