Super tips when you change jobs

1 July 2024

Starting a new job can be exciting, empowering, and sometimes even a little bit overwhelming. But not everything is new. You’ll bring a lot from your last role and one of the most important things to bring with you is your super.

If you keep a single account and take it with you to your new job, you could avoid the extra fees that come with multiple accounts.


Why take AustralianSuper with you to the new job?

It’s important to know that not all super funds are the same. The decisions you make now about super, while you’re changing jobs, can have a big impact on your savings. As an AustralianSuper member you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Strong long-term performance - Our Balanced option has delivered an average annual return of 8.31% over the last 10 years to 31 March 20241.
  • Low admin fees - As Australia’s largest super fund2, we use our size and scale to help keep admin fees low3. Lower fees mean more of your super stays invested to grow for your future.
  • An award-winning and trusted fund - We take pride in being Australia's most-trusted fund4 for 12 years running and are honoured to be awarded Canstar’s Outstanding Value Award for Superannuation for the past 14 years5.
  • AustralianSuper is a profit-for-member fund - We don't pay profits or dividends to shareholders. This means the profits we make are for members.

Tell your employer you’re with AustralianSuper

It’s easy to keep receiving super payments from your employer into your AustralianSuper account when you change jobs. You can provide your AustralianSuper member number to your employer in one of two ways:

  1. Using the AustralianSuper app, go to the Tell my employer section and follow the prompts.
  2. Download the Pay my super into AustralianSuper form and give the completed form to your new employer.


Search for lost super and consider combining your accounts

If you’ve changed jobs in the past, you might have more than one super account or even have one you don’t know about. Combining your super could help reduce fees, avoid duplicate insurance policies and makes managing your accounts easier6.

It’s quick and easy to see if you have multiple accounts. You can do this by doing a simple super search by using the ATO online services, or by logging in to your AustralianSuper account via the Member portal.




  1. AustralianSuper Balanced investment option compared to the SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR50 Balanced (60–76) Index to 31 March 2024. Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.
  2. APRA Annual fund-level superannuation statistics June 2023. Released 13 December 2023.
  3. Source: Zenith CW Pty Ltd (Chant West) (ABN 20 639 121 403). Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey December 2023. Survey compares administration fees and costs for MySuper products for a $50,000 balance. Other fees and costs apply. Fees may change in the future which may affect the outcome of this comparison.
  4. Readers Digest Most Trusted Brands – Superannuation category winner for 12 years running 2013-2024 according to research conducted by leading independent research agency Catalyst Research. Awards and Ratings are only one factor to be taken into account when choosing a super fund.
  5. AustralianSuper received the Canstar Outstanding Value Award for – Superannuation in 2011 - 2024. Awards and ratings are only one factor to be taken into account when choosing a super fund.
  6. Before making a decision to combine your super, consider any fees or charges that may apply, and the effect a transfer may have on benefits in your other fund such as insurance cover. We recommend you consider seeking financial advice.

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