Our investment philosophy

Our size and scale gives our members access to some of the world's best investments

Our approach to investing takes into account so much more than dollars and cents.

We take an ethical, long-term approach to investing that’s underpinned by four core beliefs:

  • We run only to benefit members.
  • We use our size to reduce costs and better structure investments.
  • We use active management – our staff relying on judgement and experience – when it can add value.
  • We’re always aware of our responsibility to the community. We ensure this responsibility is consistent with our obligations to maximise member benefits.

A long-term approach

We focus on assets that provide long-term growth.

We don’t react to short-term sentiment but we do continually analyse the ability of assets to thrive under these conditions.

And because we’re the largest industry super fund in Australia, we use our size to gain cost advantages that aren’t available to smaller funds.

Balancing risk and return

Volatility in asset classes is unavoidable but we reduce the effect by diversifying across and within asset classes.

Our dynamic asset-allocation approach provides flexibility for changing circumstances. This means we can adapt quickly in good and bad times.

Learn more about our investment approach.

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