Change or cancel your cover

Our insurance options are flexible and you can change or cancel your cover as your life changes.

If you do cancel your cover and decide to apply for cover in the future, you’ll need to supply detailed health information as part of your application.  

How do I cancel or change my insurance? 
You can cancel or change your insurance cover by logging into your account. Or complete and submit one of the following forms:

Cancel your insurance
Change your insurance

How much cover do you need?

Our Insurance calculator works out how much cover you’ll need and what it’ll cost, based on your age as well as other personal and financial details.

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Useful forms 

Insurance transfer - pdf, 137KB

Application for Life Event insurance cover - pdf, 150KB

Change your work rating - pdf, 128KB

Increase your Income Protection cover after a salary increase - pdf, 163KB

Application to change to another division - pdf, 104KB

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