New to Super? Learn the basics

Whether you’re working the drive through, waiting tables or navigating the stockroom, starting work is exciting. Your first job is not just about earning money, it's teaches you invaluable skills, responsibility, time management and financial independence whilst allowing you to meet new people and gain experience that will help your future.

AustralianSuper’s guide will help you land that job which will see you proudly earn your first pay and set you on the right path to future success.

Quick tips for applying to your first job

Bank Account

Make sure you have an Australian bank account open and ready to go, that way you have somewhere for your employer to pay you.


Create a resumé that includes all your personal details and any achievements from school, volunteer work or other qualifications.

Tax File Number

You’ll need to apply for a Tax File Number with the Australian Taxation Office online and finish off your application in person at Australia Post.

There are few words that may sound's odd such as super or superannuation, whilst you may have heard about it, super is an important thing to know before and once you land your new job.

Super in a nutshell is an automatic saving scheme designed to help you prepare for the future. It’s simple to manage and a great way to help you build wealth.

Your super savings will likely grow to be one of your biggest investments. But it’s not just a regular bank account you can dip into any time.

Here’s what to know about getting your super off to a great start:

Things to know about super

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