Superannuation investment choices

A variety of superannuation investment choices

We offer a wide choice of investment options, so you can choose one which matches your particular needs. Whether you invest in a single option or a combination, there is an investment strategy for your requirements and objectives.


PreMixed investment option

DIY Mix investment option

Member Direct investment option

These are a selection of diversified options that combine different proportions of investment types (known as ‘asset classes’). We manage the mix of asset classes in each option and professional fund managers manage the investments within each asset class. All you have to do is simply choose your option and leave the rest to us.

These are single asset class portfolios where you choose how much you want to invest in each. Each portfolio contains assets managed for you by professional fund managers. These options suit members who want to choose their own asset allocation but not the individual investments.

This option enables you to invest in your choice of stocks in the S&P/ASX 300 Index, as well as a selection of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and term deposits. This option offers the most flexibility and control of all AustralianSuper options, and may suit you if you want to be highly involved in investing your super. You’ll need to be an AustralianSuper member with $10,000 or more in your account to invest in this option.

If you don’t make a choice

If you don’t make an investment choice when you join, we’ll invest your account in the Balanced option – our default option.

Help and advice

The investment option you choose can impact on how much super you end up with when you retire, so we has a range of advice options to help you choose the investment option that’s right for you.

We provide access to a range of advice services depending on your personal circumstances and needs. Find a financial advice* option that suits you or call 1300 300 273 to speak to one of our consultants.

* The financial advice you receive may be provided under the Australian Financial Services Licence held by a third party and not by AustralianSuper Pty Ltd (AustralianSuper) and therefore is not the responsibility of AustralianSuper. With your approval a fee may be charged if a Statement of Advice is provided.

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