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Whether your retirement is a long way off or just around the corner, it's important to be in a good super fund.  A fund with low fees and strong long-term investment performance can make a difference to your final retirement balance. 


Compare AustralianSuper's fees, investment performance and insurance products against more than 100 other funds using the Chant West Super Apple Check tool^. 

This online comparison tool provides a free report which includes:

  • A product overview
  • The total fees and costs
  • An investment snapshot
  • Overview of member services
  • An independent rating from Chant West Financial Services.

^ Super AppleCheck is provided by research consultant Chant West Financial Services. While AustralianSuper has paid Chant West a fee for making the service available to you, AustralianSuper has no influence over the research results and ratings and does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the service.

Chant West may provide AustralianSuper with a copy of the personal information that you provide to access AppleCheck. AustralianSuper may use this information to contact you and provide further details about the products and services we offer. In all other respects, AustralianSuper will treat this personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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Our strong long-term investment returns and low fees are helping to grow the savings of 2.1 million everyday Australians.