At AustralianSuper, some members are placed in specific divisions based on the industry they work in. This helps us to manage products and services such as insurance that are best suited to members’ needs in that industry.

We’ve recently merged some of our divisions to simplify our member offering and to keep costs low. It also means we can focus more on what matters most to our members - saving for the future.

Here are the divisions that have been moved:

Past division Now moved into Date moved
Aviation Industry 28 May 2016
Food & Confectionery Industry 28 May 2016
Jockeys* Personal 28 May 2016
Steel Super Options 28 May 2016
Westscheme Industry 16 November 2016

*From 1 July 2014, all new jockeys joined AustralianSuper’s Industry division

If you’re a member of a past division, please download the Product Disclosure Statement for the division that you’re now in.

If you would like a Product Disclosure Statement for a past division, please contact us to request a copy.

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