Withdraw my super

Super is to provide you with an income in retirement and is a long-term investment

Government restrictions mean most people can only access their super when they retire. However, there are several situations where you may be able to access some or all of your super early.

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you might need your super on compassionate grounds or because of severe financial hardship.

From age 55, you can also access some of your super while you're working with a transition to retirement strategy. This strategy may help you grow your super and reduce your income tax or work less hours.

If you’re a temporary resident permanently leaving Australia, you have six months to claim your super from us. If you don’t, we may transfer your benefit to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Under Australian Securities and Investments Commission relief, we do not have to give you an exit statement if we pay your benefit to the ATO in these circumstances. Once transferred, you’ll need to contact the ATO to claim your benefit.

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Could you have lost super?

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AustralianSuper can search for your lost super by using your Tax File Number (TFN). Follow the link below and we will start looking... it's easy.

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