Changing Jobs

Changing jobs

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Changing jobs is an exciting time. Did you know you can take your super with you? In fact, AustralianSuper can be part of your career – from start to finish.........
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Put simply, your super is your money and it’s up to you to decide who nurtures and grows your super savings. All you need to do is give your new employer your AustralianSuper details.

Otherwise, your employer will open a new account for you with their default fund and you’ll end up with extra accounts to manage, and pay extra fees.

If you think you’ve already got extra accounts you don’t need, we can help you track them down and combine them with your AustralianSuper account. Start by heading to to get your super sorted and back on track.

With one super account, you can pay one low administration fee, have your savings invested with a strong performing fund and be covered with the right level of insurance.

When you start a new job, remember to take your AustralianSuper account with you – you’ll be better for it.

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