Unfinished Business: with Anne & Nick

Unfinished Business: with Anne & Nick

Retire from work, not life.
Retirement does not mean the end of Anne and Nick’s adventures – thanks to a little help from AustralianSuper.

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Anne: When I first left school, I just worked in an office.

Nick: This was just before we got married. And I always said to Anne I didn't really want to rent anywhere. We'd sooner try and get our own house....
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Anne: I actually said to Nick, "My mum wants to know if we're getting married." It was very romantic. Not. He says, "Okay, so do you want to marry me?" I went, "Okay."

Nick: Yeah, no. I might as well get married. Yeah.

Anne: Nick was really good about retirement. He always thought about it. I never did. I'm very much living in the moment, and he was always concerned about, "What are we going to do when we retire?" We'd always had this kind of going down the beach at some stage and retiring.

Nick: So I did a lot of salary sacrificing to try and build up my Super as much as I could for that reason. And it got to the point where we thought, "Oh yeah, we're financial enough to actually move and live the dream here."

Anne: Well, we were driving along and I said to Nick, "Oh, let's go and look at the display homes." And we bought a block of land, just like that. One of my family members was with Australian Super and he recommended them. So I thought, "Oh yeah, I'll give that a go." It was easy enough. The good thing about our retirement income stream is that we get a regular payment. So one week, we get the income stream, the next week, we get the pension. So we have plenty of money to go out, to pay for groceries. Any major bills we might have coming in, then we can withdraw that as a lump sum.

We definitely never had enough money to travel when we had a young family. I mean, you have different priorities. So the first time we went away, we went to Canada. He drove. I navigated. First time in my life I was allowed to actually tell him how to drive. I thought once we retire, we wouldn't be able to travel anymore. After four years, we had more money than we started with. That was pretty amazing, so we're very happy with Australian Super. Definitely.

Some of the unfinished business that we'd still really like to do, I think, would be a road trip around the UK. So do a bit of shopping. I always go do some shopping. Went to Sydney for my 50th. I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. That's why I have to go New York for my 60th so I can beat that. So I don't know what I'm going to do when I turn 70.
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