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When it comes to one of your most important long-term investments – your super – getting the right advice now could make a big difference to the way you live your life when you stop working.

And because we’re all different, we all need different advice.

Getting started

Sometimes all you need is a little help understanding your super options. We have a range of advice options to help you every step of the way. After all, we’re committed to helping you create the future you want.


1. Online calculators

Our online calculators can help you plan for a better future. From adding a little extra into super, or seeing how long your retirement savings could last, our calculators are a great first step to help you get your super sorted.


2. Seminars

Our free retirement and financial planning seminars are held Australia-wide and run for about an hour with time afterwards for questions. Find out more and sign up now.


3. Over-the-phone*

Call us on 1300 300 273, and we can help you with:

  • Making an investment choice
  • Adding extra to your super
  • Personal insurance
  • Retirement income options.

4. Face-to-face*

For more complex advice, meeting face-to-face with a professional adviser can help when you want a detailed financial plan and have a number of financial matters to think about. To get started, call 1300 300 273 and speak with one of our Financial Education and Advice (FEAT) Team members. Quite often, your advice queries are solved over the phone. If they’re more complex, the FEAT member can organise a face-to-face meeting for you.

How much does advice cost?

You’ll be pleased to know that any general advice, like adding to your super or information about your insurance cover or investment options is paid by the fund.

For personal advice over-the-phone, such as contributing to your super, changing your investment options to suit, or how much insurance you may need is also paid by the fund. Some advice like transitioning to retirement options or starting an income stream may be subject to a small fee. This is discussed before any work is completed.

For more complex advice, your first face-to-face consultation is complimentary. After that, your adviser will agree any costs upfront with you in writing. You can meet with an adviser either at one of our CBD offices located in every state and territory, or you can find an adviser within your locality from our accredited network.

We don’t pay advisers incentives, bonuses or commissions. Ever.

Advice fees are charged on a no-commission, fee-for-service basis. Where a Statement of Advice (SOA) is prepared, you’re quoted a fee for the advice based on its type and complexity.

And you can rest easy knowing any adviser who works with us is guided by a set of principles that puts your best interests first.


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Pay for advice with your super

Most members can choose to pay for advice by using savings drawn from your AustralianSuper account.

So long as the advice is solely related to your super – and this covers all our super and retirement income accounts – you can depend on this simple and convenient way to pay for your advice.

Your adviser will help guide you through the available options.

How advice can support the lifestyle you want

The right professional advice could support the lifestyle you want in a whole range of ways:

  • Professional expertise – can help you understand all your investment options and complex legislation, and find ways to improve your financial position.
  • Personalised – objective and unbiased advice that delivers a long term plan, and is in your best interests and right for your situation.
  • Financial coach – answers questions, builds your knowledge, reviews your plans, and increases your financial knowledge and confidence.
  • Plan and implement – transforms a financial plan into manageable pieces and then makes sure that all parts are applied.
  • Decision support – sometimes it can be really hard to make decisions when your financial future is at stake. A financial adviser can help you make them.
  • Compound savings – over time, even a small financial gain made through professional advice can significantly increase your investment.

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What you get with face-to-face advice*


1. Getting to know you

Your first meeting is complimentary – and all about you. Your personal and financial circumstances and what’s important to you are discussed. Your adviser can then help determine the nature and complexity of advice you need and discuss any costs involved. No personal financial advice is provided in your first meeting.


2. Setting a plan

Using information from your first meeting, and with your agreement, your adviser researches solutions available and develops a personalised financial plan called a Statement of Advice (SOA). This outlines the best way forward to meet your personal and financial goals and any costs involved.


3. Presenting the plan

Your financial adviser outlines the recommendations in the SOA, and explains how the advice meets with your goals and is in your best interests. They also answer any questions you may have about the advice and the next steps needed.


4. Taking action

Advice is only good advice if it’s put into action. Once you’re comfortable with the recommendations, your adviser carries them out and keeps you informed at every step.

For more information on face-to-face advice, download our Getting advice through AustralianSuper fact sheet.

*The financial advice given to you will be provided under the Australian Financial Services Licence held by a third party and not by AustralianSuper Pty Ltd (AustralianSuper) and therefore is not the responsibility of AustralianSuper. With your approval a fee may be charged if a Statement of Advice is provided .


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More information

If you still have some questions about your advice options with AustralianSuper, read our Live the life you want brochure, or simply call us on 1300 300 273 weekdays 9.00am – 5.00pm AEST.

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