Financial advice and retirement planning – Chrisoula’s story

25 November 2022

Chrisoula Markopoulos had always been good with money. Approaching her 65th birthday, she needed to make some big decisions on how to make the most of her retirement and superannuation. So, she called AustralianSuper to get help understanding her financial advice options.

When she was 16, Chrisoula moved to Australia with her father and little else. Like many immigrants, she’s experienced her share of challenges, but she now says they’ve helped build her character. We spoke to Chrisoula in February, 2018.


Discover Chrisoula’s story

Soon after she arrived in Melbourne, her father made the decision to return to Europe. Chrisoula stayed in Australia, got married, and raised 3 children. She worked as a seamstress and later went on to work in aged care.

After 25 years, she and her partner decided to end their marriage and the couple sold their home in Doncaster as part of their divorce process.

Chrisoula says she had always been good with money, seeking out bargains in ‘op shops’. She realised from an early age that poor spending habits could ‘spell trouble later’. She was also aware that as a woman she would need to be smart with her finances and have some plans in place from a young age. Chrisoula knew that time out of the workforce to care for family would impact her savings.

‘You have to be strong when you’re by yourself. It’s not easy,’ she says. Motivated to take control of her finances, Chrisoula developed a strong interest in real estate. She bought a piece of land and subdivided it to build 2 townhouses.



Getting financial advice to help with your retirement planning

Before her 65th birthday, Chrisoula decided to speak to a professional financial adviser in Melbourne about her super. As an AustralianSuper member, she was able to access personal advice for a fee1.

‘It was important to me that I could sit down with someone and look at my finances, to get detailed advice,’ she says. ‘My financial adviser Natashya, helped me understand what was needed to get my super in the right place before I retired. She made me feel comfortable immediately, like we had known each other for a long time. I trusted her.’

‘She made me feel comfortable immediately, like we had known each other for a long time. I trusted her.’

Natashya also helped Chrisoula set up a retirement income account (Choice Income account), so she could draw a tax-free income from her super. ‘I have peace of mind, knowing that I will receive regular payments from my super, into my bank account’ says Chrisoula. 

Now enjoying her retirement years, she says retirement hasn’t slowed her down. ‘There’s more time for cooking and long walks,’ she says. And as a property enthusiast, she’s always looking for the next real estate opportunity and talking to local agents to find out what’s happening in the market.


Confidence from planning 

For Chrisoula, speaking to a financial adviser gave her the confidence and comfort needed to enjoy her super savings. Keeping her money invested in an account based pension meant it continued to benefit from any investment and compound returns, throughout her retirement.






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