Make after-tax contributions

Grow your super from your take-home pay

You can add to your super from your take-home pay. This is known as making an after-tax contribution

Get started now

  1. Use our contributions adviser calculator to help work out how much to contribute
  2. Log into your account and go to the Make a contribution page. Select the 'Extra contribution' button.
    This will open the Contribution form.
  3. In Step 2 of the form tick the (after-tax) box that matches the type of contribution you’d like to make
  4. Complete the form and either submit it (for direct debit requests) or give it to your employer

Why make after-tax contributions?

Adding to your super from your after-tax salary is especially good for people who earn less than $51,021 per year (including assessable income, fringe benefits and super contributions)*.

If you add to your super from your after-tax salary, you could receive a bonus Government co‑contribution of up to $500 a year.

If you're self-employed, you can claim a tax deduction on contributions you make up to your after-tax contribution limit. For more information see Super for the self-employed.

* You should consider your debt levels before adding to your super.

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Make after-tax contributions by direct debit, BPAY® or cheque