Improving the withdrawal process for members

9 May 2024

Our commitment to the financial wellbeing of our members recently led us to address the issues sometimes faced when members are trying to withdraw funds.

An AustralianSuper member recently faced challenges when attempting to withdraw funds from their super account after the introduction of the new member portal. Despite having successfully accessed funds in the past, they encountered a technical glitch that prevented them from completing the withdrawal application.

The trouble began when their online verification didn’t go through, locking them out of the portal. While our Support team unlocked their account, they were still unable to make a withdrawal.

Listening and taking action

Our dedicated Member Portal team was able to investigate and replicate the error. Their goal was to identify and resolve the issue. While finding the system bug initially proved challenging, the team remained determined to understand why the member's verification wasn’t being recognised.

In response to this member's experience, and other common issues identified through this process, we were able to fix these bugs. Our Member Portal team has since implemented a series of changes, both visible to members and technical, to improve the withdrawal process. This included providing clearer error messages to guide members when they encounter issues.

Benefit to members

These changes have significantly improved the withdrawal experience for our members, resulting in these additional benefits:
  • Increased success rate
    The success rate for online withdrawal forms rose by 10% in the second half of 2023.

  • Reduced support calls and messages
    Following the fix both calls and messages to the Contact Centre relating to withdrawals significantly decreased. Enabling our support team to focus on helping members with other queries.

  • Cost savings for members
    Improved processes have resulted in a projected annual saving of $800,000.

We continually focus on improving our systems and process for members. This member's case was ultimately able to bring about positive change for all AustralianSuper members.

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