Separation, divorce & super

We can help you manage the complexity of splitting up one of your biggest assets – your super.

When a relationship ends, you can plan a new future

Separation or divorce can be financially devastating, so it’s important to understand and manage the impact it can have on your finances. 

Parents with dependent children can find it particularly difficult to recover their income after a divorce if they’re combining paid work and even more family responsibilities. For many, keeping super saving going with a limited income can be a big challenge.

What you can do

The end of a relationship doesn’t have to mean the end of your financial plans. It means you need a new financial plan. While it will involve adjusting to your new situation, there are a few important things you can do to stay on track:.

  • Assess your financial situation

    When a relationship breaks down, take a good look at your financial position.The first phase is an information gathering exercise where you look at all your financial assets and debts. Gathering copies of bank accounts, super balances, bills, financial commitments and other legal documents will give you a clear picture of your financial situation.

    If you’re an AustralianSuper member, login to check your super balance online, register for online access, or call us on 1300 300 273 (8am to 8pm AEST/AEDT weekdays). 

  • Get financial advice

    Making important decisions can be overwhelming at a time of massive change and heightened emotions. A financial adviser can provide you with knowledge and guidance to help you feel more confident about the decisions you make.

    AustralianSuper members have access to professional financial advice on a fee-for-service basis. Find an adviser online or call us on 1300 300 273 (8am to 8pm AEST/AEDT weekdays) to make an appointment with an adviser near you.* As an AustralianSuper member, your first consultation is complimentary.A financial adviser can help you:

    • understand what to expect once an agreement on splitting your assets (including super) has been reached

    • decide what to do about your super contributions going forward – as you may need to adjust to a change in income

    • help you decide how to invest your part of any super payment made.

    Financial advisers who work with AustralianSuper members always put your best interests first. We never pay advisers incentives, bonuses or commissions. Learn more about getting advice.

  • Get legal help

    You will need to have a lawyer to split your assets and your super. Even if you don't go to court, certain parts of the super splitting process require you to declare that you have received independent legal advice and AustralianSuper cannot split the super unless it receives confirmation of this, or an order from the court.

    A lawyer can also help you through the process of dividing all your assets in the property settlement and represent you in court if necessary.

    Community legal centres and Legal Aid agencies offer free legal advice, and services are available in every state and territory. You can find a list at the Australian Government’s MoneySmart website.

  • Access information and support

    There is plenty of information and support available to help you understand and cope with the difficulties of going through a separation or divorce. Those difficulties can range from the financial strain of living on a reduced income to the practical and emotional challenges of adjusting to your new situation.

    Here are some useful resources:

    The Family Law Courts website

    This a good source of information on how to:

    • apply for divorce
    • get legal advice
    • deal with property and money, and
    • make arrangements for children during and after separation

    The Family Relationships Australia website

    This the Government’s main resource about family relationship issues, including the range of services to help people who separate.

    The Department of Human Services Child Support website

    This site offers a parents’ guide to child support and information on Government support for separated parents.

    Mediator Locator online tool

    Use this national director of mediators to find a local mediator who can help you come to an agreement with your ex-partner without going to court.

    Women’s information and referral services

    Available in each state and territory, these services provide women with free and confidential support, information and referrals. Visit their websites for information and advice for women on the financial impact of separation and divorce.

*The financial advice you receive will be provided under the Australian Financial Services Licence held by a third party and is therefore not the responsibility of AustralianSuper. With your approval, a fee may be charged if a Statement of Advice is produced.
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