Save more super by maximising tax savings

In the years before you retire, you can save more super and pay less tax by adding to your super from your before-tax salary (using salary sacrifice). And you can receive payments from a Choice Income account to replace the salary you’ve diverted to your super.

The benefits:

  • pay less tax
  • speed up your rate of saving
  • receive payments from a Choice Income account, so your take-home pay stays the same
  • give your super the best chance to grow: earnings on investments are tax-free in a Choice Income account.

You could also use your super to reduce your working hours, and replace your income with payments from a Choice Income account. Find out how to Work less.

Need advice?

Transition to retirement can be complicated and may not be suitable for everyone, so it’s a good idea to get personal financial advice before you start. Find out more about help and advice.

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