Save more super by maximising tax savings

When you turn 60, you could save more super and pay less tax by adding to your super from your before-tax salary (using salary sacrifice). And you can receive payments from a Choice Income account to replace the salary you’ve diverted to your super.

The benefits:

  • pay less tax
  • speed up your rate of saving
  • receive tax free income payments when you turn 60*, from a Choice Income account, so your take-home pay stays the same
  • give your super the best chance to grow, by keeping your money invested.

* Income payments paid may be subject to personal income tax if you’re under 60.

You could also use your super to reduce your working hours, and replace your income with payments from a Choice Income account. Find out how to Work less.

Need advice?

Transition to retirement can be complicated and may not be suitable for everyone, so it’s a good idea to get personal financial advice before you start. Find out more about help and advice.

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