Ready Made

The simple way to set up your Choice Income account

Ready Made is designed to help your income last right through your retirement. It’s the perfect option to consider if you’re unsure about selecting your investments and deciding how much income you should receive.

What is Ready Made?

  • You’re invested in 12% Cash and 88% Balanced
  • You get paid every two weeks
  • You receive 6% of your 30 June balance each year.

How your money will be invested

We understand retirement brings uncertainty about how to fund your lifestyle when you stop working. When you join 12% of your balance will be invested in our Cash option while the rest of your money is invested in our popular Balanced option.

Why do we invest your money this way?

The Cash component is designed to help you settle into retirement and cover your income needs and any unexpected expenses. Cash is a stable option but provides low returns, which means your savings may not keep up with inflation.

The majority of your savings are invested in our Balanced option - which has delivered impressive returns of at least 10% for the past three years*. The Balanced option invests in a wide range of assets, which will help your money last right through your retirement.

How much income you receive

With Ready Made, you’ll receive 6% of your balance each year as an income. This is taken from your Cash option first, then after that your Balanced option. As you get older, your income will increase (as a % of your balance) to meet the minimum payment limits set by the Government.

Your age Minimum % of your balance you’ll receive each year
Under 80 6%
80 to 84 7%
85 to 89 9%
90 to 94 11%
95 and over 14%

How often you get paid

You’ll receive your payments every two weeks, which means you can top up any Government Age Pension you may be eligible for.

Change your mind anytime

After you’ve set up your account, you can make changes at any time.

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